Vitamin Infusion Therapy


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Vitamin Infusion Therapy

The future of wellness is now within your reach. Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Experience the benefits of our vitamin infusion therapy. Instantly boost your immune system, elevate your energy levels, and slow the aging process, and super-charge your life with our wellness infusions.

What Is Vitamin IV & Mineral Infusions?

Processed foods, chronic stress, and illnesses

can take their toll on our bodies. Vitamins, essential amino acids, and minerals are vital to promoting health and wellness.

Harmony Aesthetics provides a range of wellness infusion

therapies that contribute to your overall health. Some of our most popular IV drip treatments include vitamin B12 and vitamin C injections.

However, the body can only absorb

a small amount of the vitamins and minerals in oral supplements. We now know that injecting these professionally compounded supplements directly into the bloodstream is a more effective way of providing the body with these much-needed nutrients.

What Does It Treat?

Our IV drip treatments have many applications and adapt to your
individual needs. Some of the most common uses include:
  • Promote overall health and wellness
  • Increase energy and treat symptoms of exhaustion
  • Minimize the effects of jet lag
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost sexual drive
  • Mood enhancer
  • Improve mental acuteness and focus
  • Increase physical endurance and muscle repair as well as reduce recovery times

How Does Vitamin Infusion Therapy Work?

By injecting vitamins, antioxidants,

amino acids, and minerals directly into your bloodstream, we bypass the digestive system helping your body absorb higher amounts of these valuable nutrients quicker and more effectively.

Vitamin and antioxidant infusions

boost your immune system to help it fight off disease. They are also vital to help maintain your nervous system’s health and break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Injectable amino acids

help promote and improve many metabolic processes in your body. They can help stimulate your liver, aid in the production of new collagen to improve your skin, joints, and muscles.

At Harmony Aesthetics,

we only use the highest quality products from accredited compounding pharmacies, ensuring the efficacy and safety of our vitamin infusion therapy.

What to Expect?

Vitamin Infusion Therapy is quick, minimally invasive, and virtually painless.

Each infusion delivers targeted nutrients to satisfy your needs at therapeutic dosages for the best results.

The effects of our vitamin iv drips, mineral infusions, and IV infusion add-ins are temporary. For this reason, depending on your individual needs, weekly or bi-weekly infusions are necessary.

Results vary from one individual to another; however, most patients report quick and noticeable improvements in energy levels and mood, a significant decrease in fatigue, and afternoon “fog,” better sleep, and an overall feeling of wellness.

Am I A Candidate?

  • Any adult looking to improve their overall health and slow down the aging process is a good candidate for vitamin iv drip and mineral infusion therapy.
  • The treatment can be ideal for those who have GI tract issues and have a known vitamin or mineral deficiency. Patients with chronic diseases should speak to their doctors before choosing to have a wellness infusion.

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