About Harmony Aesthetics Spa

About Harmony Aesthetics Spa

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At Harmony Aesthetics Spa we believe that each and every individual is beautiful and handsome in their own way.  We are committed to working with every patient to obtain their unique health, aesthetics, and intimate wellness goals to look and feel their best inside out.  Whether you are 18 or 80, we strive to go beyond your expectations in every aspect of our products, services, and caring personal touch.




Top Medical Grade Aesthetic, Health & Wellness

Our Mission

“At Harmony Aesthetics Spa, our goal is to instill health, confidence, and overall wellness in each of our patients through the use of innovative practices and modern medical technology.”

Meet the team

Crystal Broussard, MD

Shawn Sepassi, FNP-C

Sheila Esparza, FNP-C

Michelle Pata, FNP-C

Michael Tellez, NP